MACH4 – History in English

From „Liedertafel“ („Song Table“) to MACH 4

The Gumpoldskirchen male choir was founded in 1863 and was a founding member of the Austrian Singers‘ Union. Till the end of the monarchy the choir’s repertoire mainly comprised typical Liedertafel songs („Liedertafel“ has been a traditional title for men’s voice singing groups in Germany and Austria since the beginning of the 19th century) and songs that paid homage to the Emperor.Taking part in great singing festivals was equally important.

Today the Gumpoldskirchen male choir MACH4 presents itself as a modern sounding body that is anything but conventional or old-fashioned. The choir started to change about 38 years ago when music pedagog Johannes Dietl, M.A., became their choirmaster and began to focus on tapping the choir’s full potential. He wanted the choir to move forward. Now their repertoire comprises songs from all eras and one of their aims is to find new „fans“ at home and abroad.

The male choir MACH4 consists of seventy extremely motivated members who have been very successful in numerous choir competitions. Johannes Dietl is not only the conductor and choirmaster, but he is also the „head“ of the choir, the driving force behind the scenes.

During Johannes Dietl’s time as choirmaster three sound recordings have been released so far, which were highly praised by well-known music critics. The recordings prove the high musical standard of the choir. Concerts in the famous Haydn Hall of Schloss Esterhazy (a palace) in Eisenstadt, a performance at the opening ceremony of the Schubert Year in Vienna and a personal invitation by the Provincial Governor of South Tyrol, Dr Luis Durnwalder also emphasize the high musical standard of the ensemble.

To broaden their musical and cultural horizon the Gumpoldskirchen male choir MACH4 regularly goes on concert tours to the Netherlands, to Hungary and Italy, among other countries. Performances in all Austrian federal states present an ideal opportunity to focus on socialising as well as on singing. International conctacts with other choirs are a primary concern of MACH4, too.

The choir is a representative of the village of Gumpoldskirchen and the federal state of Lower Austria. They regularly welcome national and international choirs in their hometown Gumpoldskirchen and they make sure their repertoire includes classical, serious as well as light music, and of course national and international folk songs.

Highlights of the last 20 years:
[1986] Golden diploma at the internationl choir competition in Melk (AT)
[1995] Golden diploma at the international choir competition in Prague (CZ)
[1995] Award for Johannes Dietl as Best Choirmaster in Prague
[1999] Golden diploma at the international choir competition in Verona (I)
[1999] First Prize and winner of a cash prize as Best Choir
[2004] Golden diploma at the international choir festival „Isola del Sol“ in Grado (I)
[2007] MACH4 travels to China with concerts in Hong Kong, Haikou and Guangzhou
[2008] Internationales Chorfestival in Lloret de Mar (Spain)
[2009] Golden diploma at the international competition in Haikou (China)
[2009] Golden diploma and best internationale choir at the international competition in Haikou (China)
[2009] Golden diploma and best conductor Johannes Dietl at the international competition in Haikou (China) 
[2010] Intern. Mebs Choir Festival at the Goldenen Cocerthall in the Wiener Musikverein
[2011] MACH4 travels to Minsk (Weißrussland) and performs three concerts.
[2013] Celebrating 150 Years of MACH4 choir-history with a huge programm of anniversary concerts
[2016] Golden diploma at Slovakia Cantat 2016